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“Whisper” – Lili Ivanova

“Whisper” – music and lyrics by Yavor Kirin, arrangement – Emil Boyadzhiev, director  Alexander Sano /Srebroto  from “Bratia Mangasariyan” / Download the video clip of the song here.

Vasko Vasilev about Lili Ivanova

Vasko Vasilev / Monitor /26.11.2011 “Yes and time will demonstrate: there is only one Lili Ivanova, she is the most genius, the greatest Bulgarian singer. It is of great happiness and asset in my life to have been able to…


photos: Vasil Karkelanov

Alone – Lili Ivanova

LILI IVANOVA “SAM” / ALONE Director: Vassil Karkelanov Composer: Biser Ivanov Lyrics: Nora Karaivanova